Monday, October 10, 2011

Yana Girls FHM Magazine Model

he beauty who loves jetsky is about a career model, pose butt naked and beautiful. She admitted that being a model is very nice. According to him, became the model will not take much time and earn a decent salary.
FHM get a first impression of the beautiful Which Used to Be Called Yana is a very feminine woman. Looks relaxed and friendly and sweet smile of beautiful lips to attract anyone WHO looked at him ". Introduce the beautiful Ria FHM Alfiana That will from the make you smile. FHM

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mariel Mendoza Bikini Pictures

Seriously, this heatwave hitting the Philippines is really making things pretty damn easy for me over here, all the hot Filipino girls are trying to stay cool in their skimpy bikinis. Here’s Mariel Mendoza cooling her long luscious body in the beach wearing yet another hot bikini. Well done.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Irina Sheik "Bruno Banani" Bikini (2)



Friday, October 7, 2011

Grace Park in Complex Magazine (1)

Battlestar Galactica is winding down and you know what that means, lovers of Asian hotness on TV — that’s right, no more weekly doses of Boomer, aka Grace Park, doing her Cylon thing on the tube. Which is a shame, but hopefully she’ll find another show very quickly, because come on, how many hot South Korean girls do we have on TV on a regular basis? Answer: ONE. That’s Grace Park. But hey, before she goes, Grace Park was nice enough to give us this great pictorial in Complex Magazine. Smoking hot, anyone? Who knew Cylons were so tempting?

Photo Gallery: South Korea’s Suh In-young in Cosmo

Photo Gallery: South Korea’s Suh In-young in Cosmo From what I can tell after perusing the Internet, South Korea’s Suh In-young is a singer and actress, most famous for being a member of the all-girl group “Jewelry”. (Hey, I guess that’s a better name than, say, “Socks” or something, am I right or am I right?) Anyways, I don’t speak Korean, so I don’t know if their songs are any good, but

Find the different - Hot Pinay

Again, i found a new picture that might be interesting. find the different, it just like a kid subject. Circle the different ^^..

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Maricar dela Fuente Profile, Picture

How many babes can claim that they were once a part of the Viva Hot Babes – a star-studded, multi-talented group of sexy ladies that once carried the freethinking entertainment industry on their shoulders?
More importantly, look at the babes, who at one point comprised the group – Maui, Andrea, and Katya. Gwen, Asia, and Ella. Sheree, Jaycee, and Jennifer. All these girls known to men on a first name basis; all these girls duly appreciated for pioneering a new generation of sex vixens. Such a line-up is comparable to the Jordan-esque Chicago Bulls,