Monday, August 15, 2011

Malaysia to delving into Chinese woman abuse

The video blow of a naked Chinese woman accomplishing squats in foreground of a policewoman in what appears to be a lock-up is accepting declared as Malaysia's own Abu Ghraib bastille scandal.

A aggregate of video grabs from a adaptable buzz video blow shows a adolescent Chinese woman afterwards she was bare at a badge base in Malaysia. [Reuters]
Pledging a absolute delving into what is accepting declared as a "shameful" incident, Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi yesterday told journalists in Malta area he is accessory the Commonwealth leaders summit: "There should be no camouflage at all."

Directing agent badge arch Musa Hassan to conduct a probe, he warned: "I don't ambition anybody to adumbrate the bald facts acquired from the investigations."

Datuk Musa said: "If investigations acknowledge our admiral or policemen accept abused their power, we will crop action."

Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak said the video, if accurate to absorb the police, is a "slap" on the angel and candor of the badge and the country.

Amid accessible abuse over the issue, he said ascetic action haveto be taken against those responsible.

The video blow has been acquaint on Malaysian websites and bloggers accept compared it to pictures of ache of Iraqi prisoners by American bastille guards in the Abu Ghraib prison.

Bar Council administrator Yeo Yang Poh bygone accepted an absolute investigation, saying: "All Malaysians should appearance the video blow and ask ourselves how we accept accustomed things to appear to this stage."

The board represents all Malaysian lawyers.

A key accessible affair is that the case may not be isolated.

Many letters accept been filed in the accomplished about abusage of suspects in police custody.

A VCD absolute the 70-second blow was alone at the appointment of action parliamentarian Teresa Kok who showed the blow to several ministers at Parliament House on Thursday.

Although it is not bright if the woman in the video is a Chinese citizen, the issue came to ablaze just canicule afterwards a complaint by three changeable Chinese nationals.

The women declared they were strip-searched by badge for captivation affected passports although they showed 18-carat documents. They aswell claimed that macho officers peeped at them while they were bathing during their detention.

The affair comes at a acute time for Malaysia as it prepares to host the countdown East Asian Summit in two weeks. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao will be accessory the gathering.


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