Friday, July 22, 2011

Quality Concrete Holdings Scandal

Malaysian political blogs (or anti-establishment blogs, if you may call it) are busy spreading news about the Quality Concrete Holdings Get-Rich-Quick Scandal.

Quality Concrete Holdings (QCHB), the infamous company partly owned by Taib’s sister, Roziah @ Raziah Mahmud, and Taib’s first cousin, Hamed Sepawi (reported to be worth at least RM600 million), is at the epicentre of another scandal rocking Sarawak. Read - Blocking Taib’s ‘Get Rich Quick’ land scheme.

Quality Concrete Holdings Bhd has a license to extract timber issued by the Director of Forest Department, Sarawak. This is for a period of one year effective 20 November 2009. The license covers the bulk of the last of remaining rainforest between Sebangan and Sebuyau rivers. Read more at - The damage done to Sebangan and Sebuyau Rainforest by Taib’s cronys.

Some 100 Ibans from 15 longhouses in upper Sebangan in Simunjan, Sarawak, appeared en masse at the Kuching High Court this morning, to sue two logging companies, two of their own government-appointed village leaders and the Sarawak government. The Iban landowners have named as defendants timber concession licence holder Quality Concrete Holdings, contractor Royal Billion, as well as two community leaders, Penghulu Merum anak Babu of Kampung Arus, Sebangan and Tua Kampung Agu anak Kaleng of Kampung Bajong Ili, as well as the Sarawak government. Read more at Hornbill Unleashed - 15 Iban villages sue company of Taib’s sister.


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