Sunday, September 19, 2010

The muscle god: Ivan Scannell

Sometimes I wonder if I can find a guy who has such a great body that I would be rendered speechless, well this week I feel like that is the case. Ivan Scannell is ridiculously beautiful, and has the most perfect muscularly toned body, in all the right places. Photographed by the legendary David Vance, Ivan is pretty close to perfection when it comes to the beauty of the male body, as you can get. Ivan has the most killer eyes, superb jawline, impecable midsection with abs that look like they were carved from stone, arms shaped with the perfect tone, I could go on. Ivan is not the biggest dude from the block but I think slimmer is better, and it works well in so many ways for Ivan. No wonder Ivan won Australia’s 2006 Mr. Supermodel, in fact I’m sure he could win it in a few more countries after seeing this photo shoot. Wow, disgustingly delicious!


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