Monday, September 20, 2010

Hawaiian Hunk Paul Brumble

This is truly one of the hottest Hawaiian Hunks I’ve come across in a long time… who am I kidding, I really have no one to compare him to, he’s just smokin’! Paul Brumble is a super sexy 21 year old model from Honolulu Hawaii, who just happens to have one of the most sexy stares on the face of this planet. Paul is not shy in front of the camera, having done a photo shoot for PlayGirl magazine. He was “real man of the month” where you can see him in all his glory so to speak, back in 2006. Paul is seen here in many photos by photographer Kurt Brown, so I must give credit to this talented photographer for capturing the unbelievable stunning Paul in all his glory. Hmm that’s twice I say that, must be something in the water!


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