Thursday, July 22, 2010

I am Cambodian – An Interview with Meng Lau

i wrote my first post about Meng Lau – The Khmer Maxim Girl on July 2008 and became one of the most viewed on

Meng Lau is a Cambodian American model. She lives in San Francisco and people know her as America’s hottest doctor’s assistant on Maxim Magazine and as Neighborhood Knockout Meng Lau on Stuff Magazine.

i got chance to contact her in person and explored more details about her relationship with Cambodia.

find as below the complete email interview with Meng Lau:

Khmerbird : To get started, hope you don’t mind to tell a bit about your relationship with Cambodian and Khmer culture. I heard you were born in Cambodia. What is the Cambodia to you right now today?

Meng Lau : I was born in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I haven’t been to Cambodia in about 3 years, but I have many relatives there at this time and I hear unpleasant news from them. I have heard that it is very difficult to live in Cambodia due to the world economy crisis. This saddens me. Yes, the United States is going through a rough time with the economy, but I can’t imagine what it is like in a third world country like Cambodia. I love my country and I’ve been there many times. I love the culture, people and the fabulous food. I miss it. Cambodia to me will always be my home.

Khmerbird : I read some of your writing, you mentioned about your mother. I believed she must be someone very important in your life, not only she’s your mother, but I do believe she also supports you in your career. How is your relationship with your mother?

Meng Lau : My mother and I have a great relationship. She is very old fashion, but she understands that I need to live my life and supports me in that way. We butt heads often, but at the end, we are closer.

Khmerbird : You are not just a model but also a designer and office manager, what else do you do in your career? Can you count? LOL

Meng Lau : I’m actually in school at this time finishing up my degree. Hopefully one day I can go back to Cambodia and put my degree to work

Khmerbird : Have you been back in Cambodia? Or do you hear sometime about Cambodian artists going to US to perform some Khmer art and culture? Are you interesting in Khmer Art? Do you think to come back one day to Cambodia just to visit or maybe a possibility to connect you back with the Cambodia? Or do you think there’s no market at all for you in this country?

Meng Lau : I been to Cambodia many times. Almost my entire family are there. I’ve been too Americanize for Cambodians to really accept me as an artist in any form.

Khmerbird : It happen when I did my homework to search a bit about your background around the internet, and I am a bit surprise when I know that you also got another name as Sayuri. And you do the wrestling, boxing and mixed Martial Arts … do you know kung fu? And how amazing it is to be the Empress Sayuri? I also want to buy one of your bra, can’t I? LOL

Meng Lau : I’ve haven’t been Empress Sayuri for a long time. It is my stage name when I do professional wrestling. No, I’m not an expert in any martial arts, but I can really fake it.

Khmerbird : Thank a lot Meng Lau for your time, I hope to see you one day in Cambodia. And Go ahead if you have something to say to Cambodian people, this place might be one of the right place to say. I wish you to have more success in your career and also have a happy life. Ciao !

Meng Lau : Thank you everyone for having interest in my work. I know that an abundant of you are skeptical of my ethinicity. I promise you that I was born and raised in Cambodia. I still speak Cambodian fluently. I am very proud of my heritage and the fact that I am Cambodian


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